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Welcome to KST : Expert in Food Packaging Machine

We established since 1976, we are the ultimate solution to your heating & packaging needs.

Please note that besides the wide variety of standard products listed on the web, we also provide customization of machines. As for heaters, most of them are make-to-order. Therefore, if the information listed on the web is insufficient for your needs, feel free to contact us by phonecall or email.


Auto Filling & Packing, Auto Packaging, Blister Packing, Cap Locking, Carton Box Packing, Continuous Band Sealing, Cup Sealing, Date Printing, Direct Heat Sealing, Impulse Sealing, Induction Sealing, Liquid / Paste Filling, Shrink Film Wrap Packaging, Stretch Film Wrapping, Vacuum Sealing.

Bobbin Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Ceramic Heaters, Coil Heaters, Infrapara Heaters, Mica Band Heaters, Tubular Air & Immersion Heaters.
Thermocouples, Temperature Control Panel, Temperature Controller, Multipole Connector, Teflon Cloth, Teflon Tape, Teflon Belt.



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