Packaging Machines

Friction Feeder and Conveyor

Friction Feeder is a high speed conveyor complete with automatic feeder. The feeder automatically separated bundle of plastic bags or cards and transferred to the conveyor belt. 

Friction Feeder is special design to attach with coding or marking facilitate as inkjet or laser jet printing which reduce workers and improve printing efficiency.  Friction Feeder is widely used for product coding and printing purposes.

Ours Carton Feeder always combine with the SOJET Thermal Inkjet Printer with High Resolution and High Speed Printing.

Friction Feeder can easily be integrated to any new or existing processes and common used in the fields of domestic electrical appliance, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industries. Friction Feeder  improve the production speed and efficiency, save time and labour saving.

Also Known As: 

- Friction Conveyor

-Paging Machine

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