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L Bar Sealer and Sleeve Sealer

L Bar Sealer also known as L Type Sealer is a seal and cut machine which is ideal auxiliary equipment to work with shrink packaging machine and can be used separately as well, mainly used for cutting the shrink film in required sizes. The sealing & cutting control is using of instantaneous heating. Speedy sealing & cutting, electricity saving. Available to change the sealing time & cutting and temperature required upon the thickness of plastic film. The machine suitable to seal and cut PVC and POF Film. 

L Bar Sealer  is widely used in industries such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, cosmetics and pesticide for containers with labels like glass bottle, plastic bottle, paper cup etc. 

L Bar Sealer may combined with a shrink tunnel or heat gun to an L sealer to produce tightly shrink wrapped packages for shrink wrapping. 

Also Known As:

- L Bar Sealer

- L Type Sealing Machine

- Side Sealer

Sleeve Type Sealer film operate with form a “sleeve” from a roll form film, then continue with shrink tunnel machine which is shrunk tightly around the pack, to leave two small openings on opposite faces of the pack. The wrapping material used on these machines is normally PE, which is available in heavy gauges, and can provide the necessary pack strength and protection for packs in transit. The object of this wrapping method is that of security and strength. 

Sleeve Type Sealer also known as Sleeve Type Sealing Machine main purpose is to provide strength and security during shipment, using a durable or heavy duty wrapping film. Sleeve Type Sealer is common to use in wrapping bulk item boxes of cans, cartons, boxes of bottles, larger household items, as well as longer items, such as timber, or moulded panels. 

Sleeve Type Sealer may combined with a shrink tunnel to produce tightly shrink wrapped packages for shrink wrapping. 

Also Known As:

- Sleeve Sealer

- Sleeve Type Sealing Machine


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