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Vacuum Packaging Machine - External Type

External Vacuum Packaging Machine involve a bag being attached to the vacuum-sealing machine externally. The machine will remove the air and seal the bag, which is all done outside the machine. Nozzle type vacuum sealers provide flexibility and fast vacuuming. Gas flushing is also available in nozzle type vacuum sealers selection. High performance impulse sealing system is built into the vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Packaging Machine is commonly use in Industry such as electronic or medical use vacuum packing for Electronic parts, hardware products, medical instruments, medicine to prevent oxidization or dust. In clothing, bedding and plastic industry vacuum packing greatly to compress the packing size items for more storage space and save logistic cost. For delicate food items which might be crushed by the vacuum packing process (such as potato chips), an alternative is to replace the interior gas with nitrogen to retain the freshness of products or prevent from crash. This has the same effect of inhibiting deterioration due to the removal of oxygen.

Also Known As :

-Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

- External Type Industrial Vacuum Sealer 

- Vacuum and Gas Flush Sealer

-Suction and and Gas Flush Sealer





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