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Carton Packaging Machine

Carton Packaging Machine is a packaging machine that applies adhensive tape to the bottom and / or top of a cardboard box so securely sealing the contents within. Carton Sealer are designed for a variety of different needs: uniform or random case sizes, narrow or wide tape, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap folding etc and may be used as a individual packaging station or as part of a part of automatic packaging line.Carton packaging machine save time, save money and improve efficiency. 

Carton Packaging Machine available in semi-automatic or fully automatic versions. With semi automated equipment, the operator typically fills and loads a box at the entrance to the case sealer; the box may or may not have the bottom flaps previously closed. The operator closes the top flaps and feeds the box in or through a machine which automatically applies the closure. This helps save time and controls the application of the adhensive tape. Fully automatic equipment is available which does not require an operator. All functions, including closing the flaps, can be automated.

Also Know As:

-Case Sealer

-Carton Packing Machine

-Carton Sealer

-Carton Sealing Machine

-Adhensive Tape Applicator

-Cartoning Machine

-Sealer Case Equipment

-Box Sealer



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