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High Resolution Thermal Inkjet Printer - Sojet

Thermal Inkjet Printer also know as inkjet coding machine that offers plug-and-play installation for industrial inkjet marking and case coding solutions to meet any company's budget. Touchscreen controllers, for multi-line imprints within .50 inch, or up to 3.00 inch with stitched print heads. High Resolution Inks that are suited for both porous and non-porous surfaces, Optional printheads for curved metal cans, plastic, or glass bottles.

SoJet Inline Inkjet Printer is a marking and coding solution that anyone can operate and self-install. All printer functions are accessible via the built-in colour touchscreen controller. Database Integration and connectivity to external devices, via the standard Ethernet, USB and DB15 Connection Ports, makes for simple/intelligent system integration.

Also known as:-

- Industrial Inkjet Printer

- Inkjet Coding / Marking Printer


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